Ces Rêveries

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

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The Last Of The Rhye

With heaving sighs I tear away at my last defences,

Trains of scattered thought all heading to a solitary hill,

Uncovering seated emotions leading to ever-higher fences,

Forever stealing gasps of life in images that are all so still.

Measurable Isolation

I wish that I could talk to you as clearly as the thoughts that are screaming loud in my head, a day would pass without the constant need for this intoxicated courage to string words together into a web of false pretences to capture the intricate seams of your coveted heart. 

I wish that I was able to suffer in anywhere else but the cold isolation of my own thoughts, a day would pass where I could process these tormented feelings into some meaningful displays of emotion to battle for the most intimate of your affections.

The xx - Sunset

Rhyming Problems

WiFi problems, first world problems, just as relevant as a discoloured emblem, veering away from the first step into Harlem.

Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra 

(Source: edozit)

Rhye - Three Days